WPC : Victory

This week was Rememberance Day, one of the many battle fought by Canadians during World War One was at Passchendaele. It was one of the most futile battle for the Canadians, many casualties for no gain. Victory comes at a cost


DSC_0021_25114 -1

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WPC : Extraordinary

I love wildlife photography especially birds and I realy like when I am able to catch a moment where I make eyes contact with a bird. These moments do not happen too often and when they do happen, I know I’ve capture something special. It give you more respect for the animal.

Usually birds fly away before you can get too close or they just ignore you because you ain’t food to them. Of the 60 photos I took of this Merlin, I was able to make eyes contact with it for just two seconds and get two photos and this one is my favorite.

X-DSC_0120_21658 -3

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