Cell phone vs DLSR

A few weeks ago I was reading a discussion on a Facebook page, the question was “Are smart phone killing photography?” Personally I only used my cell phone for work related photos. It’s much handier to carry around and it’s always with me. I do not need a high quality photo and the purpose of those is only for future reference, so there is no need to have an artistic sense in the pixels.

After reading the Facebook discussion I took upon me to try to catch a few photos with my smart phone and compare. So I took some indoor shots at a museum and here are the results.

My phone is a 2 years old Motorola so maybe not the best cam phone on the market but …..

After seeing the results, I firmly believe smart phone will not kill photography because they cannot bring the same quality of a DSLR. Also cell phone does not give the flexibility that a camera does. These photos are at best fair and very conclusive, smart phone will not kill photography, well not with today’s technology.