About me

Dark chocolate addict, coffee lover, cyclist and rediscovered my love for the camera.

After many years I decided to plunge back into photography. I am still in the learning process of seizing beautiful photos. You will find a mix of color and Black and white photos (or monochrome as some of you call it).

I read somewhere that photos are not meant to stay on a computer hard drive but must be shown, this is the reason behind this blog

Your comments are welcome and can be sent at this email  marinoni99@hotmail.com

Je parle français aussi



yes that is me

DSC_0055_5623 -1


27 thoughts on “About me

    1. Let say with only a few months of experience in photography, I still consider myself an amateur but working to be a professional amateur


  1. Hi Nelson. Thanks for dropping by my blog and following. I hope you continue to enjoy my images and please feel free to comment – all feedback and opinions are welcome. The beauty of photography is that we never stop learning and it’s always interesting to hear others’ opinions – what better way to learn than to see through someone else’s eyes?!


  2. Nice to be in contact. I am glad you stopped by the blog where I write about photography.
    I intend to wander thru your words and images as I get to know you.


    1. Thanks for stopping by …..the more I am doing black and white photos, the more I love black and white. But I keep it for the special photos only


  3. Hello, j’aime me ballader sur la communauté WordPress et c’est avec plaisir que je découvre ton univers photos! Je vais suivre cela de près 🙂


  4. Thanks for stopping by, Nelson! The beauty of keeping a blog is that you can watch your progression as it develops. Can’t wait to see what you will show us next. À bientôt!


    1. thank you …. I alway try my best to capture the best shot in front of me …. oh and sometime I have a little help from my friend paint Shop Pro but I like to keep it minimal


      1. Do I love Flickr, yes, is it the perfect no but I much prefer it over Facebook or WordPress or Instagram, it really depends what you want. Many will go with Instagram, it’s just that I am not too much into Instagram.


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