Cell phone vs DLSR

A few weeks ago I was reading a discussion on a Facebook page, the question was “Are smart phone killing photography?” Personally I only used my cell phone for work related photos. It’s much handier to carry around and it’s always with me. I do not need a high quality photo and the purpose of those is only for future reference, so there is no need to have an artistic sense in the pixels.

After reading the Facebook discussion I took upon me to try to catch a few photos with my smart phone and compare. So I took some indoor shots at a museum and here are the results.

My phone is a 2 years old Motorola so maybe not the best cam phone on the market but …..

After seeing the results, I firmly believe smart phone will not kill photography because they cannot bring the same quality of a DSLR. Also cell phone does not give the flexibility that a camera does. These photos are at best fair and very conclusive, smart phone will not kill photography, well not with today’s technology.






7 thoughts on “Cell phone vs DLSR

  1. I don’t know, Nelson. I’ve seen some pretty impressive phone photos on the web. I think they can be as much a part of photography as any camera. Certainly they lack the flexibility of a dSLR and prints from them would suffer at larger sizes, but in the right hands, the photographer accepts the limitations and make the most of it.

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    1. Under certain conditions (good light, nothing that moves too fast) you can get good results with a phone but I find that you are limited on certain aspects of photography


    2. I agree with you oneowner. I don’t think smart phones are going to “kill” photography but they sure have their place in the game and are here to stay. I know some great photographers that do amazing work with their smart phones. Many apps are available that will help enhance the quality and what you can do with your phone. In the end, I think its more about the person behind the DSLR or the smart phone than anything else. And sure the equipment can be a limiting factor, but it is certainly not solely about the gears.

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  2. great post! I’m thinking about starting a flickr page just for my cell phone shots. The thing i love the phone is that it gives me the ability to indulge my creativity all the time. I’m not going to bring my gear in to Barnes and Noble but I can use my phone if my girls start giggling over their mocha lattes. 🙂


  3. I agree. I am a phone camera girl, because I always have it with me. And it is fine for my blog/FB pictures. But I am frustrated with the amount of editing I have to do to make it as I saw it when I took the pic. And sometimes I just delete them as they are not what I wanted to capture. If I was really going to take good pics, I would have a real camera, as my friend does. She carries it everywhere and her photos are soooo much better than mine.

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