I’ve been photo blogging here for more than a year and I was never quite happy with this Platform. Let’s say it’s an OK platform but not a great platform for my photo blogging. I know that a lot of amateur photographer use Facebook but again I do not find it very up for that task, Facebook is more for the instantaneous or cats photos. If you want to look at someone work and browse through his/her archives, it is not easy. I opened a Google + account, same conclusion. I tried Pinterest, again not the best social media for my kind of photos. Twitter is definitly not for photo blogging. So I decided to make the jump and opened a Flickr account.  I hesitated between Instagram and Flickr, but I think Instagram is more for smart phone photos.

I think it is nice to have so many choice of Platform, the problem is picking the right one for you and not try to have them all. Using too many platform can spead you thin.

The thing that I love the most about Flickr is that you see the exif (data) of the photo which is something interesting. It also gives you good example of the quality of the image you can get with some lenses and camera.

Many of the bloggers that I am following here are also on Flickr, I do not know if I will maintain this both accounts because there are only 24 hrs in one day and sleep about 8 of those but for the moment Flickr is a great and I am more than please with it.

For my Flickr account click here


8 thoughts on “Flickr

  1. I think you are right, Flicker is an attractive format to display photographic work, maybe better than WordPress, which many are using as a journal rather than a portfolio. I might have to dust off my account.

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    1. I will try to keep up with the two platforms but I find it too demanding, after all I am not a professional photographer so I do not want to spend too much time. I also find it easier if for example you want to see car photos or sunset photos, you’ve have groups for almost everything


  2. I hope you find the right medium for your photos. Everyone has different needs and styles. I think the best portfolio sites are paid ones, like on but I don’t want to do that.

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  3. I have been on Flickr for 3 years, it’s a great platform offering fantastic exposure and inspiration… I havent been posting there for a while, but I may be going back… good luck, Nelson 🙂

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  4. Flickr is great for storage and it has a vibrant community if you want to put in the time. And it is mobile friendly, as indeed are Tumblr and Instagram which btw is now full of photos uploaded from whatever camera – no longer tied to phone shots! WP is not near as mobile friendly . . . 😦

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