Great Egret

I really wanted to catch a glimpse of this bird for many weeks. This majestic bird does not appreciate the human so I knew that the closer I got, the less time I had to take a good shot. For the first one, I walked in tall grass, mud and Under a scorching sun with my camera on my monopod, hide the best I could to get a few shots just before I was close enough and it flew away.

X-DSC_0186_17646 -1

For this second shot, I went back 3 days after my first try. It was lunch time and the Egret was busy running after food. This is probably why it did not pay attention to me so I was able to get much closer that time.

X-DSC_0113_17941 -2


3 thoughts on “Great Egret

    1. The Great Egret is a very shy bird that does not appreciate the human presence. The best advice I can give you is use the nature to hide and walk very slowly, be prepare to walk in the water and get dirty a little. If possible walk when it is not looking at you. For those photos, I was taking a few photos every 4 – 5 steps. To help me more to get closer, I use camouflage clothes, army or hunter style, it does help a little.


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