Chrono Gatineau UCI – part II

Some memories, these photos were taken the first week-end of June at a bike time trial race in Gatineau, one of the very few bike race in North America where you can see international cyclists competing against each other.

Annie Foreman-Mackey

X-DSC_0472_12315 -1

Anika Todd

X-DSC_0351_12194 -1

Karol-Ann Canuel

X-DSC_0288_12131 -1


X-DSC_0317_12160 -1

Olivia Baril

X-DSC_0267_12110 -1

When you turn, you have to leanX-DSC_0254_12097 -1

When HDR is the solution

I am not a big fan of HDR photos. When I started working my photos with post-processing software I though HDR photos were pretty cool but after some time, I realised they are just too funky, too artificial. I have to admit in high contrast situation like sunrise and sunset, it is probably the best option. Below you’ll see the same photo with 4 different post-production settings. I took the photo very early at sunrise. The sun was barely popping from behind the mountain.

No increase in the exposure and trying to keep the sky blue

DSC_0003_20160 -3

With an increase of the exposure to make the grass green but the sky is too bright

DSC_0003_20160 -2

Slight HDR to enhance all the colors and contrast


And the all-out version Play that funky colors (music) white boy