Birding with a macro lens

DSC_0041_16917 -1

This photo of a Red-tailed Hawk is not my best one but they is a good reason. When I go on a photo walk I always carry with me my back pack and my lenses. So if I see something that I want to take with a different lens, I have it. On that day, I left my backpack in my car and went only with my 85 mm lens to take photos of flowers, bees and bumblebees. So I was crawling on the ground to get a nice shot of a bumblebee on a flower and this feathered beauty popped up, first time I was seeing a real one ………. And there I was, stuck with my 85 mm macro and the 70-300 mm in my car. I knew that if I went to my car by the time I’ll be back, this Red-tailed Hawk would be gone. So I took two shots with my 85 mm and went to my car to get my 70-300 mm…. and I was right, he was gone when I came back.

Always carry enough gear because you never know what you can see.


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