Rugby in Ottawa – the women

X-DSC_0281_16197 -1

Yesterday I went to see local rugby games and practice my skills at sport photography, not easy. Unfortunately in these situations since you cannot pick the moment of the day, I was there at the worst time of the day for sunlight, from 1:30 pm to 4 pm. I just had to deal with it. In a fast moving sport, it’s not easy to get a good shot, you have to take a lot of shots, and delete a lot once home. The quality of the photos is directly link to the speed of you autofocus. Since I worked at large aperture for a fast shutter speed with the long zoom, the depth of field was not very deep. In just a fraction of a second your subject covers a lot of ground, so many of my photos were just out of focus. I think I will go back next week to practice the lesson learned yesterday.

For those who do not know what rugby is, it’s a rough sport where players wear not protection gear (except a helmet for some), tackle the adversary and run after a ball. Not for the faint-hearted, when players collide together, you can hear the sound it makes.

X-DSC_0329_16245 -1

X-DSC_0576_16492 -1X-DSC_0210_16126 -1



4 thoughts on “Rugby in Ottawa – the women

  1. As I learned with my speed-skating shots last fall, fast moving sports take lots of practice. These are pretty good and with the lessons learned, the next ones will be even better.


    1. I will go back next weekend and try different settings. It’s hard to see on the camera screen in broad daylight if your photos are OK or not, it’s really when you get home that you can see the results

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