Roller derby in Ottawa

Saturday afternoon, scorching heat (36 o Celsius or 97 o Fahrenheit), roller derby time in front of City Hall in Ottawa. This venue gave me more space to move around compare to an indoor arena but the sun, it was hot. So hot in fact I tried to sit on the concrete slab to take shots, could not stand more than 30 seconds, I was burning myself on the slab. These ladies played 30 minutes games, at the end they were tired. 1052 photos and 3 water bottles later, I was done and on my way home.

Incoming block

DSC_0139_14677 -1

No she did not fall

DSC_0200_14738 -1


DSC_0269_14807 -1

Tight defence

DSC_0113_14651 -1

Bacon Pirates against the Prime Sinister

DSC_0673_15211 -1

On ne passe pas she said

DSC_0352_14890 -1Cheering for the team

DSC_0808_15346 -1


DSC_0097_14635 -1

On the bench

DSC_0952_15490 -1



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