2015 Preston Street Criterium

Some photos taken at the Preston Street Criterium in Ottawa

I learned a lesson today, in the world where cameras have automatic focus, sometime you must use manual focus. When you take photos at a fast shutter speed, you need a wide aperture, especially on cloudy day like today, and you get a shallow depth of field. When cyclists are coming at you at 40 km/hr, the autofocus of my camera was not fast enough to keep with them. Next time I will have to choose the point where I want to exactly take the photos, set focus manually and then I should get better results.

X-DSC_0317_13365 -1

DSC_0311_13359 -1

X-DSC_0484_13532 -1


X-DSC_0155_13203 -1X-DSC_0459_13507 -1


3 thoughts on “2015 Preston Street Criterium

    1. No panning was done on these photos, I was shooting at a very high shutter speed ( between 1/750 s and 1/1500 s) except for the before last photo where I deliberately adjust my shutter speed at 1/20 s at 60 mm to give a blurred effect. The blurred effect on the background was probably because my hands moved a little. Now why all the cyclists are blurred except the second one that is not so blurred on that before last photo, I have no idea. I took 10 photos like that and on all the photos, all the cyclists are blurred except the second cyclist on this one. I guess to get this effect I had to press at the exact moment and the cyclist had to be at the exact spot where she was, so it is pure luck …. thanks for stopping by


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