WPC : Off-season

Off-season means trying things that I do not normally do, like the time I decided to take an airplane ride on a 1929 Waco bi-plane. You know the type of airplane where you are not in a enclosed cabin and you can stick your head out and actually feel the wind. This is a photo of me just before take-off with the helmet and the goggles on. Do you think I look funny? I do not think so, I think I look ridiculous.



4 thoughts on “WPC : Off-season

    1. It did not go as plan. I am prone to sea sickness and these airplanes are not as stable as the modern one. They pick up all the “bumps” and “holes” in the air. On top of that the motor is the original one, it was leaking oil big time. You could see the blue fume coming out of the exhaust, it smelled oil in the cockpit. Although I was sick, it’s kind of cool to fly an airplane from another era.


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