Chrono UCI Gatineau – woman cycling

The women Gatineau Chrono UCI was held today. It’s a bicycle race against the clock where the cyclist race alone. They each start at an interval of 30 seconds meaning they have no idea where they are in the standings until they cross the finish line. It’s a painful and all out race.

Not the best spectacle for someone who like watching baseball or football. But for cycling enthusiast like me, you can feel their pain when they pass by and for the photographer it means there is a subject about every 30 seconds.

Last year I made the mistake of sticking near the finish line and the background was so awful, photos were not really good. Lesson learned, the background of a photo is as important of the subject. This year I moved on the course catching these ladies at different spots, giving some better results.

Allison Tetrick – Team Optum

X-DSC_0416_12259 -1

Tara Whitten – Team The Cyclery

X-DSC_0329_12172 -1

Olivia Baril – Team Quebec

X-DSC_0439_12282 -1

Keep riding like a girl – the winner autographing a jersey

X-DSC_0603_12446 -1


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