Ottawa Marathon – some portraits

Visualizing the finish line

DSC_0405_11085 -1

In her bubble

DSC_0391_11071 -1

The tattooed runner

DSC_0542_11222 -1

Give me that sponge

DSC_0967_11647 -1


DSC_0963_11643 -1

Hair in the wind DSC_0906_11586 -1


5 thoughts on “Ottawa Marathon – some portraits

  1. Great shots. That first one freaked me out for a second because the guy looks a bit like my brother in law who actually ran in this race 🙂


    1. It’s a very popular race and just candy for if you want to give a try at sport photography. At some point there was a constant flow of runners of all shapes and sizes. I missed some runners with bizarre costume because there were just too many runners in front of them and blocking me…… It could have been funny if my first photo would have been you brother-in-law.

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