Ottawa Marathon

Last year I took some photos at the Ottawa Marathon but the weather was really not nice (foggy and grey sky). This year Mother Nature gave us a break and brought the sun for the last part of the race. Also last year I was still in the learning process of the art of photography and I pick a spot where the background was a construction site. Result many photos were with a metal fence and traffic cone. Yes choosing the background is as important as the subject, I learned my lesson.

I took 1041 photos of the marathon, it’s the most photos I’ve taken in one occasion. Tomorrow there won’t be 1041 left. At a sporting event you have to take a lot and delete a lot. So here are a few of my favorites.

Agnes Kiprop, one of the woman elite runner, she finished  in 4th

DSC_0153_10833 -1

And then came the sun ….. and the heat

DSC_0770_11450 -1

Sponges and plastic cups …. A lot of it

DSC_0722_11402 -1

 Yes you see right, a full marathon with a wool kilt, sporran, leather belt and buckle, wool socks with the flashes, the only missing thing to make it 100 % Scottish is the haggis.

DSC_0737_11417 -1


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