I’ve been taking a lot of birds’ photo lately. Spring means that birds are coming back from their migratory southern trip and trees are still without leaves, so it is much easier to catch those feathered friends. It’s also the first time that I am putting some serious efforts at the task of bird photography, not always with the results I want but …. It’s a long way to the top and you can reach it one step at the time. I have to say macro photography with unanimated objects is much easier but when you catch a bird in action, the pleasure is not the same. So here are some feathered creatures that are part of the Woodpecker family.

Female Northern Flicker

DSC_0184_9219 -1

Pileated Woodpecker

DSC_0211_8567 -1

 Hairy Woodpecker

DSC_0108_8963 -1


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