It was only the second time that I try to take photos of birds. Most of birds photos here were caught while I was trying to get something else and then a bird showed up and I had the right angle. This time I was looking for a bald eagle and all I could find were ducks, still they make good subjects. I am not happy with the results, the photos are underexposed probably because of the snow. Next time I will try spot metering for the light. Second observation, if I want to freeze the wings when the duck is flying, I definitely need to go faster than 1/250 s for speed shutter.

Alpha male

DSC_0041_6866 -1

About to land

DSC_0107_6932 -1

I am taller than you

DSC_0075_6900 -1

This photo was taken on the next day and I did change the exposure setting at + 1.0

DSC_0045_6992 -1


5 thoughts on “Ducks

    1. thanks …. the bad thing about getting more experience in photography is that you see you mistake more easily and sometime I think I aim to much for the close to perfection shot

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      1. Oh, I can so relate!! Unfortunately, I think this is something that will never end, no matter how much experience we have. But then, if every shot was perfect, I would think the challenge would then become boring, don’t you? 🙂

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