Reflection # 3


Reflec 2a

Reflec 2b


7 thoughts on “Reflection # 3

    1. Patti this is not a real reflection, I took two identical glasses, put one on top of the other, used a yellow piece of cardboard for background and shot this at f/1.8 to get a shallow depth of field and no change with software, there is the result …. to be honest I was quite surprise with the result myself, I was not expecting that kind of “reflection”

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  1. Very nice and I take it you are loving the new lense. I got an old prime lens off a Nikon 35mm camera I am playing with. Though it is not a macro and it crops the sensor on my D60 I am loving learning this lense. Fast blades and sweet glass… addiction is born 🙂


    1. My 85 mm macro lens is indeed a very interesting lens to work with. I am waiting for the snow to melt and the flowers to bloom so I can try it with flowers.

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