One photo, two versions

For this one, I decided to go on two versions of the same photo. The last one is the original, untouched.

One photo, two versions.

On the first photo I worked with layers isolating the crucifix and increasing slightly the level of “red”. Not too much because it gave a weird look to it, just a slight increase in the red level to give that finish.

DSC_0075_6240 -1b

On the second one I wanted to bring all the attention on the word JESUS. When I took the photo I intentionally place the crucifix to put the word JESUS there, right in the center. In the post-process I wanted to bring the word JESUS even more to the forefront and for that I used a vignette effect.

DSC_0075_6240 -1c

The original

DSC_0075_6240 -1a