Week three – One Four Challenge

Week three of Robyn’s One Four Challenge.This week I went for something different but easier. Paint Shop Pro, the software I use, has some pre-set options to modify your photos. You just click on the button and it does the rest. This week I combined two of those options, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) and then in second the Daguerreotype style photo. For those who are not familiar, the Daguerreotype was the first photographic process that was widely used to print photos. It was invented by Louis Daguerre around 1835. So it does give a very old finish to the image. I wanted to mix one of the oldest style of photo with one of the newest hip style of photo.

So when old time meets modernity, the result is ……

Week 3aWeek two version

Week 2a

Week one version

DSC_0011_493 -1

Original version

DSC_0011_493 -2 original


20 thoughts on “Week three – One Four Challenge

    1. your challenge gives me the opportunity to do something different. Usually I will go with one version of a photo, maybe two but never more than that. That is a first for me and there is still one week to go 🙂

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      1. It is fun Nelson and that is the beauty of this challenge – it does allow us to try different things 😃 Yes, another week – enjoy!


  1. Nice work. The monochrome is more moody, where the color conveys more energy. I missed last week’s; looking at it now, I think I like that one the best so far. All are nice.


    1. I think a colorful flower like a tulip should always been in colors. Their colors are so vivid and bright, it is when we see the colors that they are at their best . Although the photo of last week was too much, too artificial but that was part of the challenge, do something different.


  2. I like the idea behind the image but not a fan of the strong sepia/copper toning, possibly a straight black and white would have served better.
    I always laugh when I hear Louis Daguerre being the inventor of photography as I always side with Fox Talbot being the inventor of the photography. This could have started a new war between France and Britain. 😉


    1. I did try sepia only and it was better than wth HDR but still I agree with you, black and white gives more contrast but since I used partial B/W on week one, I wanted to create something different.

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  3. I do like the effect you have created with the two presets, the toning is really nice. Seeing the soft colors of the original I can see why the color versions so far are so eye catching. Good work this week.


  4. I like the sepia but like Ben would prefer a more classic BW – possibly because the sepia is very dark and a bit too muddy in its tones for my preference. Such elegant flowers with such lovely clean lines deserve to be seen at their best 🙂

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    1. The Hdr did not help in giving this finish, sepia alone is better but getting this result was part of the challenge, to experiment


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