The mythical Zippo

Any smoker who wants to smoke with class knows that a Zippo lighter is THE lighter to have, well that’s what I thought until I realised that smoking was not the wisest choice to make. I quitted smoking more than 26 years ago but I still have my Zippo, a reminder of a past.

DSC_0001_6471 -1

For those of another generation, before the phones were “smart”,  you probably remember that at the beginning of any rock concert, when they closed the lights, every smoker in the crowd would raise his/her arm high in the air with a lighter in his/her hand and light it.DSC_0011_6479_Localtone


7 thoughts on “The mythical Zippo

      1. In 1932 the first Zippo was made with a hinge on the lid. (Before that the lid was loose from the lighter) In the same year the zipper was invented and the maker of the lighter wanted to hitchhike on the great succes of that invention. Therefore he called his invention the Zippo.

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