Week two – One Four Challenge

Week two of Robyn’s One Four Challenge, I’ve chosen to go the opposite of last week for something “funkier”. I wanted to get very vivid but unnatural colors. So working from the RAW file I increased the saturation that makes the tulips stand out. I also reduced the light level, added some shadow and increased the warmth to increase the contrast. for the  final touch I softened the photo because the background was showing a lot of pixelation from all those changes ……. and it gives this. Yes I agree, the tulips look unreal …… but that was the goal 🙂

Week two of the challenge

Week 2a

Week one of the challenge

DSC_0011_493 -1


DSC_0011_493 -2 original



28 thoughts on “Week two – One Four Challenge

    1. C’est artificiel un peu pas mal comme couleurs mais disons que c’est une interprétation de la photo. Il faut quand même que j’en trouve 4 différentes


  1. A fun interpretation with glorious juicy colour. What would it look like if the background greens and blues were brought down a bit. Would it make the tulips free in all their glory or would it throw the balance of the composition off too much?


    1. When I increased the saturation, I did all the colors at the same time ….. probably if I had done only the flowers they would have been more at the forefront but I thought it would have been too much. Last week when I did my almost black and white version I chose not to increase the colors saturation because it would have too flashy


  2. It’s a hard call. I’m drawn to vibrant colors this week (maybe its all the gray here in the USA’s East Coast?), but last week’s selective color is also very compelling. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the image next week.


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