Week one of the One Four Challenge

This is my first time that I am participating at Robyn’s challenge, One Four Challenge. The objective is to create 4 versions of one photo over a period of 4 weeks. Click here to get more details on the challenge

First I took the RAW format image and increased the light level just a little. I wanted to create a “vintage” effect on this one so I opted for a black and white finish but I wanted to keep the colors of the closest tulip.

Then I added some blurred effect to the background so that the tulips do stand out a little more

Although it seems easy, you have to produce 4 versions of the same photo, something I never do  ………. This is the hard part

Next week, I’ll work on something different

Week one version

DSC_0011_493 -1

The original version

DSC_0011_493 -2 original


18 thoughts on “Week one of the One Four Challenge

  1. Nelson, welcome to the challenge, I have never seen tulips such an amazing colour combination


    1. I rarely do partial desaturation but I had to keep in mind that I need to produce 4 different approaches and I want to make sure that the 4 photos are substantially different, I had to find different ways to mark this …… thanks for your comments

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