Weekly Photo Challenge : Reward

For we reward is taking a photo expecting some results and when you open it on your computer at home, it’s much better than you expected. I was expecting some nice bokeh effect on this one but the chromatic aberration added something special. Most of the time it’s something that I hate but not this time, the chromatic aberration around the blue circle of light on the right

Downtown view through a hotel room window on a very rainy night (in HDR)


Week four – One Four Challenge

For this week, the last week of Robyn’s One Four Challenge, I decided to take another avenue than the previous three weeks and work a little harder to get the final version. First, I cloned one of the tulip (the blue one), second working with layers I individually changed the colors of three tulips and increasing also the light level. As a final touch I added the vignette effect, created the fuzzy and darker look at the corners and bring more attention on three tulips.

This 4 weeks challenge was quite interesting; proving that with software and a little work you can get four different versions of one photo. Usually I do only one version of a photo, sometime two but four was a first for me. There are many more possibilities than these 4.

This week photo was a first for me, I am not use to put so much time in the post-process for one photo. I tend to keep my change minimal, increase or decrease the light level, add some shadow, monochrome effect, not much than that. I cannot say that I am 100 % pleased with this result. If you look closely at the three tulips, there is a fringe around those and it shouldn’t ….. but with my limited experience, I need to work on that.

Hope you’ve enjoyed.

Week 4

Week 4

Week 3 Week 3a

Week 2 Week 2a

Week 1

DSC_0011_493 -1

Original version

DSC_0011_493 -2 original