HDR, the not so wanted effect

High Dynamic Range or HDR photo has a way to give a whole new perspective on a photo, what could be a beautiful but a little “dull” photo can become a sparkly image with higher contrast. Although I think HDR is not for every photo, sometime it just brings too much effect, too much contrast and it seems a little bit unreal.

Also in some cases the HDR will bring to the forefront some unwanted details.


look at all the bugs caught on the radiator of the car, clearly visible on the HDR



it just look like a black hole but your eyes do not get distracted by the bugs

X-DSC_0046_3103 -1a


look at the black clouds, I think they look a little too much artificial



the clouds were never close to black

X-DSC_0021_2625 -1


11 thoughts on “HDR, the not so wanted effect

  1. Une belle démonstration du HDR! Avec cette technique le moindre détail insignifiant prends toute son importance!

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  2. I use Photomatix software for HDR. I usually merge 3 bracketed images. You are right to say that HDR does not work for every photo. When you think it is appropriate, you can change the settings in PhotoMatix to get the results you are seeking.

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    1. I use Corel Paint Shop Pro for software, it does have pre-set settings or I can change all the settings, in the case of the front of the car photo, every setting I tried I saw the bugs stuck on the radiator. Photomatix seem a software with many options when it comes to HDR, I do not think that Corel Paint Shop Pro has that versatility.
      Although I do not use HDR too often because I think it does give an “artificial” look to a photo, sometime it does add some artistic value to a photo …. Thanks for your comment.

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      1. Of course the whole point of HDR is that it captures a much wider range of light. That’s why the bugs appear. They would probably be invisible in a “normal” image :-). I have also found that HDR gives very strange results with skin tones.

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      2. When I got home last night I did try HDR with a portrait photo I have in my archives, it does indeed look strange


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