Beautiful scarves in Ottawa

X-DSC_0059_6466 -1A mystery Samaritan started some kind of tradition when the Polar Vortex hit us full throttle in January of 2014. Someone knitted a few scarves, toques and mittens and left those for the homeless people of Ottawa on statues near Parliament Hill. They were dropped on the statues with a note ā€œI am not lost, if you are stuck out in the cold, take this scarf to keep warmā€

The Polar Vortex has not hit us yet in 2015 but the tradition is back, beautiful scarves all over the places. I did not look at all the statues on Parliament Hill but I suspect that there are close to 30 scarves and toques or hats, on statues, free for the homeless. And more amazing, nobody is stealing and they are beautiful.

X-DSC_0032_6439 -1


4 thoughts on “Beautiful scarves in Ottawa

  1. Reblogged this on Norm 2.0 and commented:
    I’m somewhat selective about reblogging but this idea is so heartwarming that I felt I just had to share.
    Being homeless is never easy, but being homeless in Canada in the dead of winter can be downright fatal.
    On his blog, A Few Images, Frozen Into Time, Nelson shares some shots about a good samaritan in Ottawa who is trying to make a difference. Please have a look:


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