Street photography, a new tool

040This afternoon I went for a walk and done something that I haven’t done in months, street photography. After a few try at that with my Nikon DSLR, I noticed when people see you coming with your camera, they often give you the deer-that-sees-the-headlights-look and I think it kills what I want to capture. One of my favorite street photographers has to be G. L. Brown, he walks the street of Nashville with his small point and shoot camera and take some wonderful street photos. If you want to see a side of Nashville that you never see, go on his Flickr account here. So this afternoon I took my Sony DSC-W30 cybershot 6 MP camera and went for a walk and took some street photos. The nice thing about this camera it is easy to hide in the palm of your hands and only let the lens through your fingers. You then go unnoticed. I think I had better result at catching some street moments this afternoon than my previous attemps with my Nikon DLSR. The down side it is a 2006 camera so you have no RAW capabilities, limited control on ISO and aperture and no control your shutter speed so since it was a cloudy day a lot of the photo were fuzzy but still some were OK. 037 041091a Below the shutter speed was too slow, giving this not so good result 058


10 thoughts on “Street photography, a new tool

    1. The photos I posted are the best of my 2 hours walk, I had to scrap 75 % of the photos because they were just too fuzzy. Some of those discarded photo were really interesting but just too fuzzy. I would have love if these shots could have just a little bit more clear but that was a test. …….. thanks for your comment


  1. You certainly give a good feel for your time out on the street with these shots! I shoot with a DSLR most of the time, it’s all I have along with my iPhone. It also helps that I look like I’m the stupid one out there who hasn’t a clue. Have fun with whatever you have to hand!

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  2. I agree, street photography with SLR is “complicated, a compact camera is definitely more suitable for the reasons above. If you want to get more into it and decide to look for a good compact camera with manual controls, I’m very happy with a Canon S95, bought for a bargain price a few years ago when the S100 came out (you can probably find good deals on S110 or S120 now). I’m a Nikon guy as well, but the S95 is a little jewel, you set it to save in raw format and stick the lens to f2 in aperture mode on the widest angle and don’t have to bother about anything else beyond shooting, and it is so small that you’ll bring it along everywhere 🙂

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    1. I will probably a new compact camera, one that does have VR and RAW, something that my compact Sony does not have and a few more handy option. I will keep your suggestion in mind. I love street photography but it was less fun with my DLSR, with a compact, you can really catch the people at their natural and much closer.
      Does the memory card of your Nikon fits in your Canon S95?


      1. Yes, they both use sd cards, I don’t know if there are still around cameras using cf cards (if any, must be high end slr) and I assume also Sony has now left memory sticks. S95 and younger sisters have stabilized lens and raw capabilities; another good one (even better as it has got a bigger sensor) is Sony rx100 and its evolutions, but it is definitely more expensive. All brands have similar cameras, but these two are the smallest I believe. As far as quality is concerned, you would not be disappointed, a significant portion of photos on my blog are taken with the S95.


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