Nostalgia is something that strikes you as you get older. During the last Christmas vacation, I was cleaning and sorting my stuff. I stumbled over my father missal and two rosaries given to me by my grandmother. A breeze of nostalgia surrounded me and to the basement I went to put those under the lights. I tried to get some decent photos. It was also an exercice to master a little more the depth of field on my macro lens which is something I need to get use too.

No I am not trying to convert you to Catholicism, but here a few tries at combining those found again treasures of mine.

Missel 1Nikon 85 mm @ f/11, 1/30 s, 1000 ISO

Missel 2

 Nikon 85 mm @ f/11, 1/20 s, 400 ISO

Missel 3Nikon 85 mm @ f/11, 1/20 s, +0.5 IL, 1000 ISO


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