Macro lens, first test (part I)

I just got my new Nikon 85 mm macro lens. Some would say a lens is a lens but first time I looked through the viewfinder of my camera with my macro lens I understood that this one is different. I used macro lens in my teenage years when I used my dad’s camera but I kind of forget how you actually see objects through a macro lens.

Nature has already been frozen by winter here, I am unable to take some macro shots of insects or flower. Since I could not resist taking photos with it and discovering how it works and being a coffee lover, I took my Bialetti coffee maker under the lights. First observation with this new lens, at close distance it really picks every details, some that I had not notice.

DSC_0001_5870 -1Nikon 85 mm @ f/4, 1/60 s, 200 ISO

DSC_0034_5868 -1Nikon 85 mm @ f/4, 1/80 s, 200 ISO

DSC_0013_5882 -1Nikon 85 mm @ f/5.6, 1/20 s, 100 ISO


7 thoughts on “Macro lens, first test (part I)

  1. A lens is not just a lens to me and I learned that from others who I have learned from. I still use point and shoots for macro but when I shoot my macro on my Sony a300 it’s with an old manual 50mm 1.8f Minolta lens. It crops my shots but I don’t mind because I get to see some amazing stuff in the world-within-the-world with that lens. The lens is sharp, fast and the rest is up to me. Enjoy the journey!


    1. I have a point and shoot camera that does some excellent macro photos, the only problem is that you have to get very close to the subject. When those are objects, it’s not that bad but when those are living creature like insects, they tend to move away very fast when they see me approaching. With this lens I’ll be able to keep a greater distance and should get better results with bees and butterflies …. I hope


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