HDR, the not so wanted effect

High Dynamic Range or HDR photo has a way to give a whole new perspective on a photo, what could be a beautiful but a little “dull” photo can become a sparkly image with higher contrast. Although I think HDR is not for every photo, sometime it just brings too much effect, too much contrast and it seems a little bit unreal.

Also in some cases the HDR will bring to the forefront some unwanted details.


look at all the bugs caught on the radiator of the car, clearly visible on the HDR



it just look like a black hole but your eyes do not get distracted by the bugs

X-DSC_0046_3103 -1a


look at the black clouds, I think they look a little too much artificial



the clouds were never close to black

X-DSC_0021_2625 -1

Beautiful scarves in Ottawa

X-DSC_0059_6466 -1A mystery Samaritan started some kind of tradition when the Polar Vortex hit us full throttle in January of 2014. Someone knitted a few scarves, toques and mittens and left those for the homeless people of Ottawa on statues near Parliament Hill. They were dropped on the statues with a note “I am not lost, if you are stuck out in the cold, take this scarf to keep warm

The Polar Vortex has not hit us yet in 2015 but the tradition is back, beautiful scarves all over the places. I did not look at all the statues on Parliament Hill but I suspect that there are close to 30 scarves and toques or hats, on statues, free for the homeless. And more amazing, nobody is stealing and they are beautiful.

X-DSC_0032_6439 -1

Street photography, a new tool

040This afternoon I went for a walk and done something that I haven’t done in months, street photography. After a few try at that with my Nikon DSLR, I noticed when people see you coming with your camera, they often give you the deer-that-sees-the-headlights-look and I think it kills what I want to capture. One of my favorite street photographers has to be G. L. Brown, he walks the street of Nashville with his small point and shoot camera and take some wonderful street photos. If you want to see a side of Nashville that you never see, go on his Flickr account here. So this afternoon I took my Sony DSC-W30 cybershot 6 MP camera and went for a walk and took some street photos. The nice thing about this camera it is easy to hide in the palm of your hands and only let the lens through your fingers. You then go unnoticed. I think I had better result at catching some street moments this afternoon than my previous attemps with my Nikon DLSR. The down side it is a 2006 camera so you have no RAW capabilities, limited control on ISO and aperture and no control your shutter speed so since it was a cloudy day a lot of the photo were fuzzy but still some were OK. 037 041091a Below the shutter speed was too slow, giving this not so good result 058