Objects at close range

With winter coming, getting outside to take photos will be something difficult in the weeks to come. So I decided to equip myself for indoor photos, nothing fancy, nothing elaborate. I recycled the carpentry work bench of my late father-in-law. From now on it will see camera and lenses, no more saw and screwdriver and the piece de resistance is a pair of fluorescent lights on support stands with reflectors, some white and colored paper for a more neutral background and in the coming weeks a macro lens.

In the meantime I gave a first try at taking photos of small objects at very close range with my 50 mm and my 18-55 mm lenses. It is nice to be inside with an adequate level of light and not use flash. I do not think I will regret my purchase.

The legendary workhorse

DSC_0008_5667 -1

The hand carved silver made piece of art

DSC_0017_5676 -1


5 thoughts on “Objects at close range

    1. Although I much prefer shooting outside, I think it’s a good replacement and force me to try new things, work differently ….. and it is not expensive as I thought it would be


  1. Shows what can be done with a simple setup.
    That’s my goal too – continue doing indoor portraits and working on how to maximise and mimic natural light.


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