Oh! How the snow’s been snowing!

Last night we had our first major snowstorm here, since there was nothing good on TV I thought it would be a good idea to get out (during the snowstorm) and take some photos …….. it was a good idea until I started snapping some shots. When I take photos at night I rely on my manual focus 50 mm f/1.8 lens. With its wide aperture you can take some nice shots in low light conditions without having to use a tripod.

First problem I encountered, it is very difficult to get a clear focus at night, results many photo were out of focus. An auto-focus lens would have given much better results. I protected my camera with shower cap thinking this would be enough …. WRONG … second problem. Usually rain fall vertically and rarely travel horizontally, snow well it’s the contrary, when it’s windy it does travail horizontally. So after just a few minutes my lens was covered with snow flakes giving all sort of weird reflections. Some battle cannot be won, this was one of those, I had to retreat in front of an overwhelming enemy …… but I gained some experience. Not everything was lost and here two shots from the inside a Canadian winter storm.

Oh! How the snow’s been snowing! My window pane is a garden of frost.

Émile Nelligan


Even the statues have to get together to warm up because it’s sooooooo cold



11 thoughts on “Oh! How the snow’s been snowing!

    1. My big problem was the blowing snow, you need to protect the lens but at the same time it is very difficult to get the perfect angle


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