Goodbye 2014, hello 2015

As the sun set on another year, it is time to say goodbye to 2014 but it is also the time to welcome a new one.

At the risk of sounding very redundant, my first wish is that peace will come on earth.

On a more personal note I want to wish all the viewers here a very good photographic year for 2015, those who are hesitant at jumping into photography, go jump and enjoy

May 2015 be a good year for all of you.

Happy new year everyone

X-100 -1


To mark the end of 2014 and the passage to another year, no new photos today but rather my favorite of the year. For each month I picked my favorite photo and to round up the total to 12, I picked what is my favorite photo of the year.


A contrejour photo of the statue of William McKenzie King on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

King 5-X


Grotesque sculpture on Canada’s Parliament building



The ex-Bank of Commerce building on Sparks Street in Ottawa



Passing car HDR style

HDR 1June

Peacekeeper monument in HDR



Sunset on a corn field in HDR



Fairies at Remic Rapids

Fairies 1


X-DSC_0006_4576 -1



DSC_0064_4710 -1


DSC_0015_5131 -1



 and my personnal choice for 2014

where the Rideau River meet the Ottawa River


WPC : Warmth

This photo was taken one morning last fall. The good thing with fall is that you do not need to wake-up at an insanely early hour to get some low sunlight. You have a good breakfast, shower and still be onsite early enough to have some beautiful fall light.

The problem when you have a low sun in a photo is the camera get “confused” and you do not get the right exposure. Although this photo is too dark on the left and too bright on the right, I still like this “morning effect” where the light is not equal everywhere.

Morning fog on the river

DSC_0044_4924 -2

Nikon 18-200 mm @18 mm, f/5, 1/4000 s, 320 ISO

Ottawa by night

I did try long exposure a few times during the day with neutral density filter or fadder, this was a first for me, at night.

A long exposure of Ottawa from Parliement Hill

Next time I will try to find a better point of view with less distraction like fence and small trees

DSC_0027_5711 -1Nikon 18-200 mm @ 35 mm, f/ 6.3 at 13 s, 100 ISO, correction factor + 1.7