Four flavors of scotch

With winter at my door, taking photos outside in the cold temperature is not something that my camera and fingers appreciate so since I am stuck inside let’s take the bottle of scotch out …. and take photos of it with my manual focusing 50 mm f/1.8 lens.

A 14 years scotch offered here in 4 different flavors ….. it’s not just the cask that makes a difference.

Four version of the same photo taken with my Nikon 50 mm f/1.8 lens, I’ll let you judge which one you prefer

with a filter

DSC_0008_5512 -1

In black and white

DSC_0008_5512 -1c

 in HDR


all natural

DSC_0008_5512 -2a

Nikon 50 mm, f 1.8 @ 1/50 s. , 400 ISO



3 thoughts on “Four flavors of scotch

  1. My favourite is the HDR version. I quite like the black & white one, too, though – the first thing that came to mind was old b&w movies, private investigator’s office, bottle of scotch on his desk 🙂 Don’t know where that came from…

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    1. The first version I wanted to do was the black and white but I picked the wrong option in the software and got the one with filter, then I decided to come up with the 4 versions of it. Usually I choose to finish a photo in HDR with photo of great contrast, not like this one but still the result is Ok


  2. I prefer it on the rocks 😀

    I can see you have figured out a great way to stay warm this winter while taking photos 🙂 I think I like the HDR version here…


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