The Hull-Chelsea-Wakefield train, an abandonned train

In the city where I am living, we used to have a steam train for tourists. The train brought the visitors to a small village a few miles up north for a slow but fun ride. The train passed through the village of Chelsea and went up to of Wakefield, then they turned the locomotive 180 o and it came back to Hull. It was one of the main tourist attractions of the region. Try to find a working steam train in North America in which you can get in and go somewhere, you’ll understand why people were running by the hundreds to have this short ride of 20 miles.

A few years ago a major rain fall washed away ground underneath some rails sections and now it needs major investment to repair and stabilize everything. The train has been sitting at the railway station since, collecting dust and slowly rusting.

The ghost train

DSC_0008_4635 -2

Rails and vegetation

DSC_0010_4637 -2

Wheels of steel

DSC_0006_4633 -2


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