Vintage cars

I really like old cars from the 1950’s-60’s and early 70’s. I think the car designer of the time had liberty to produce car that were sleek and racy. Some of the lines on those cars are pure beauty, and by today’s standards have become a work of art. Today’s car very look alike except for a few exceptions like for the Mini Cooper but that is another story of its own.

Now the things that I hate when I go to car show, cars shine so much it is sometime difficult to find an angle where you do not see your reflection.


Car old 1

Nikon 18-200 @ 48 mm, 1/640 at f/4.5, 400 ISO


Car old 2

Nikon 18-200 @ 46 mm, 1/1250 at f/10, 400 ISO

No more than 100 m.p.h. the speedometer says

Car old 5

 Nikon 18-200 @ 75 mm, 1/25 at f/18, 200 ISO


6 thoughts on “Vintage cars

  1. I have the same problem with reflections at car shows. And they seem too close together to segregate one model. Your shot are very well done with plenty of detail.


    1. Last year I tried to get the whole car or large part of it with poor results, this year I went for smaller sections of the cars wih better results … thanks for stopping by


  2. I’ve noticed your skill to take great shots of cars in some previous posts 🙂 I’ve never been to a car show and I don’t have a single photo of a car… so I’ve never realized reflections could be a problem when shooting cars… interesting and useful tip…!!


    1. If you go to a car show, get there early, at this show 2 hours after the opening, there was just too many people to get nice shot with no one on it


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