Street photo : Texting

Texting is an activity that you can see everywhere. Walk any down town of a North American city and you will notice plenty of people texting everywhere, walking and texting, eating and texting some even drive their car and text ……. What was a fashion statement just a few years ago is now becoming a second nature to many, some would say a problem

Duo texting

DSC_0248_2925 -1

Solo texting

X-DSC_0105_2348 -1


X-DSC_0220_2897 -1

Against the wall



5 thoughts on “Street photo : Texting

  1. Altough, I can be an avid texter (social media user) and am guilty of texting and walking (although I don’t text while crossing the street), I think it is becoming a problem and eventually will come to a head.


    1. I was in Toronto 3 years ago and was amazed by the number of people on the sidewalk, the cell phone in one hand, a coffee in the other and some were texting while crossing the street …. I do not have that talent


      1. I wish it WAS a talent. It is not – because how many times are people walking into you because they are texting and walking and not looking where they’re going. Very annoying. Very dangerous especially when they do it while crossing the street.


  2. I watched this vid some time ago about a street photographer in London…while many street photographers claim mobile phones have “killed” street photography, cause all you can shoot these days in the street is people with their faces down in in their phones/ipads/ipods/tablets/etc., she said, no, this has just made street photography even more challenging 🙂

    great series, Nelson 🙂

    I may well be on one such series cause I’m always on my phone lol 🙂


    1. I am not sure that cell phone killed street photography. I notice that people will take out their cell phone to take some photography only if it makes a good photo on Facebook or Twitter, meaning it will draw some attention because it is something stupid or weird. When I go on the street for shooting some photos, it’s different. . And you just gave me an idea of a post for next week

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