Mer Bleue Bog

Mer Bleue Bog is a 8 000 years old bog area that got its name from the sea of fog that covers it on spring and fall morning. The thick fog gives this bog a blue (bleue in french) color. Unfortunatly I was not there early enough to catch that foggy color but I will be back for sure even if it will mean a very early wake-up that day.

DSC_0037_5110 -1

Nikon 70-300 at 220 mm, f/5.3 at 1/640 s, 640 ISO

DSC_0010_5083 -1

Nikon 18-200 at 18 mm, f/8 at 1/250 s, 250 ISO


4 thoughts on “Mer Bleue Bog

  1. it will be great if you can capture that fog… love the second shot!!
    it’s really awesome you write the technical details about each shot… why have you pumped up the iso on the first one so high? was the light too low?


    1. It was a cloudy day, I was under the canopy trees and I was trying to catch some fast moving birds so I needed a fast speed shutter that I could not get at a low ISO. Even the 1/640 speed was not fast enough with flying birds. This one is standing still on the branch and the photo is OK but all those where I caught birds flying, the speed shutter was not fast enough and I did not get a crisp frozen photo of the movements. I am still in the learning process at taking photos of birds, small birds are not easy to catch ….. Thanks for stopping by


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