Reflection at the Cenotaph

These are photos of some of the people who stopped and reflect early Saturday morning at the Cenotaph in downtown Ottawa where a tragedy happened earlier this week.

The firefighter

Céno 1

The woman alone

Céno 2

The two joggers

Céno 3

The little girl with her doll

Céno 4


One thought on “Reflection at the Cenotaph

  1. The same day, Blackwater’s mercenaries were accused about the killing of 14 civilians in Irak and this kind of « procedures » seems to happen really often in middle east. This part of the world are being bombed on an everyday basis since about 60 years now by the atlanto-zionist army. It could be the reason why some people are radicalizing. I hope we have the same respect for the civilian victims our government create on all part of the world.

    In this case, a Canadian supposedly convert to Islam… My sympathies to the family members of the victim and I also hope that the Muslim community will not receive the blame for this stupid behavior from a Canadian.

    Muslim are not bad, mens are.


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