Reflection at the Cenotaph – the memorial

This week a tragic event happened in Ottawa, Canada. Terror struck at the center of our capital bringing a grim reminder in what world we are living in. Ottawa is a stone throw from where I live, watching those dramatic images on television brought me a weird feeling. The danger that I used to happened elsewhere is now front and center in my backyard.

Saturday morning I wanted to pay tribute to this gentleman who was killed from behind and to reflect on what we’ve become. I took my camera and got to the Cenotaph downtown Ottawa to pause, reflect on this and bring back some photos. I have been to the Cenotaph many times in happier circumstances, this time it was more emotional. Although I did not know Corporal Nathan Cirillo, this tragedy touched the heart of many Canadians and I am one of them.

Céno 5

Céno 6

Céno 7

Céno 8


4 thoughts on “Reflection at the Cenotaph – the memorial

      1. J’aimerais que nous profitions de ses moments pour réaliser le tort que nous faisons aux autres. Bonne journée Nelson!


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