Bee yourself polleniser

My first real try at macro photo with a lens that is not really for macro, a Nikon 18-50 mm VR. I have never really tried macro before this. I spared you the actual “real” first shot because they were more a test than something to show. My first observations

– I actually saw how bees pollenised flowers

– I thought that Canadian geese were hard to catch, compare to bees they are a gem. Trying to catch a beautiful shot of a bee is not easy, especially if you do not want to get stung. They never stop, moving from one flower to the other.

– Vibration reduction is a must for macro photo

– A macro lens will probably give me better results because this is the closest I could get in order to keep my focus

– Working at this range with a shallow depth of field is really not easy to get a clear subject

Next step, find the right macro lens for me DSC_0035_5041 -1

Nikon 18-55 mm at 55 mm – f/5.6 – 1/500 s at 400 ISO


8 thoughts on “Bee yourself polleniser

  1. Nice shot. I’m having more and more fun experimenting with macro photography myself. A lot of my “Macro Monday’s” shots were taken with my 40mm f/2.8 and I’m already thinking of getting alonger macro lens as well. It can get quite addictive.


    1. I have been at more serious photo for about a year and I never really tried macro until yesterday. I am in the process of trying to find a good macro lens. I have three choices including a 40 mm f 2.8 but I think I will find it a little short and probably limiting for what I really want to take for macro photo. The choices I have left and permitted by my wallet are a 60 mm f 2.8 no VR and a 85 mm f 3.5 VR. I am giving myself a few more weeks to think about it.

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    1. What I did was I took my 4 lenses and shot some macro photos of the same object will the 4 lenses, then I compare which one I preferred and then pick that lens for the shot of the bees and flowers. It is not the best lens for the job but I can do a decent job. I had to crop the photo with my software to get a bigger bee because my lens has some limited macro abilities.

      Taking macro shot is a whole different world from street photo although you cannot predict what the bee will do


  2. I have never tried a macro… and I have always wanted to lol 🙂 from what I’ve read, macro lenses are very very sharp and come in handy in portrait photography too…


    1. That is what I read too but a good macro lens is not cheap too. I am planning to buy one this winter and be ready to use it next spring when flowers will be blooming. The one I used for this shot is Ok but with limited capacities.


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