The names

Here are a few photos taken at a local cemetery. Taking photos in a cemetery always gives me a feeling of greater respect with the subject and at the same time it also gives me a bizarre feeling.

X-DSC_0011_598 -1

One of Ottawa main street is name after him

X-DSC_0013_600 -1

X-DSC_0016_603 -1

Reuben Traveller, he is some kind of an urban legend around here but ….. his story can be read by cliking here

X-DSC_0025_612 -2


2 thoughts on “The names

  1. I used to sneak smokes as a teen in the city cemetery close to our home. It was really peaceful to me but like Florida a nice place to visit but I didn’t want to live there. Great shots and I am glad you tied in the history to the place.~ John


    1. I did not mention it but me too I used to smoke with my friends in cemetery, a very good way not to get caught until we got caught at night by thunderstorm, scared the sh… out of me and never went back there for smoking


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