Mer Bleue Bog

Mer Bleue Bog is a 8 000 years old bog area that got its name from the sea of fog that covers it on spring and fall morning. The thick fog gives this bog a blue (bleue in french) color. Unfortunatly I was not there early enough to catch that foggy color but I will be back for sure even if it will mean a very early wake-up that day.

DSC_0037_5110 -1

Nikon 70-300 at 220 mm, f/5.3 at 1/640 s, 640 ISO

DSC_0010_5083 -1

Nikon 18-200 at 18 mm, f/8 at 1/250 s, 250 ISO

Foam and blue

Animal photo is not my forte, I do not have the patience to wait for animal to get close to me or strike a pose. Even if you try to explain that to those lovely creatures, they rarely collaborate and sometime talking to them make matter worse ………. But from time to time I like to snap a few photos. Ducks are probably the most collaborative birds I have seen so far, they are not afraid of human. On one occasion a duck walked so close to me, I had to back off.

In the case of herons, that is a different story. The shot below was taken with my 70-300 mm extended at 300 mm and even that’s all I got. I am not too pleased with the result but so far in all the encounters I had with this beautiful creature, this is the closest I got.

Now I have two choices, practice my patience or go for a 600 mm but one is more expensive than the other.


DSC_0058_4499 -1


DSC_0060_4501 -1

Nikon 70-300 mm at 300mm, f/9 at 1/400 s, 800 ISO

Reflection at the Cenotaph – the memorial

This week a tragic event happened in Ottawa, Canada. Terror struck at the center of our capital bringing a grim reminder in what world we are living in. Ottawa is a stone throw from where I live, watching those dramatic images on television brought me a weird feeling. The danger that I used to happened elsewhere is now front and center in my backyard.

Saturday morning I wanted to pay tribute to this gentleman who was killed from behind and to reflect on what we’ve become. I took my camera and got to the Cenotaph downtown Ottawa to pause, reflect on this and bring back some photos. I have been to the Cenotaph many times in happier circumstances, this time it was more emotional. Although I did not know Corporal Nathan Cirillo, this tragedy touched the heart of many Canadians and I am one of them.

Céno 5

Céno 6

Céno 7

Céno 8