People, rocks and equilibrium

Street 5

The artist

X-DSC_0085_3884 -1

The couple

X-DSC_0074_3873 -1


5 thoughts on “People, rocks and equilibrium

    1. et en plus comme elle est victime des intempéries, elle est à recommencer à chaque année. Disons que c’est différent comme site


    1. those sculptures are all created by an artist ( the second photo) basically he puts the rocks over each other, try to find the equilibrium point and jam those rocks with smaller rocks so they do not move. He use no bolts, nail or glue, it is just a matter finding the right combination of rocks and equilibirum ……. it is really impressive work.
      Most of those scupltures will be down by next spring, wind, the river, animal and humans will do that


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