First time I try a slow speed photo with flowing water and with HDR in post-production. It does give an interesting finish to the water, almost like it was drawn with pencil.


Nikon 18-55 mm at 39 mm , ISO 100, f/29 with shutter speed 4 seconds with a ND 8 filter taken in RAW and brought back to life with Paint Shop Pro


14 thoughts on “Fall

    1. ND filter can slow the shutter speed down and make some interesting effects but you need a tripod if the speed is too slow otherwise it looks blurry. ND filter can also help you with the Bokeh effect, that I have not try


      1. I’ve read only about the ND used to slow down shutter speed… you’ve got me intrigued now with this other use for the bokeh effect!! i will be most interest to see more of that, if you ever decide to try it 🙂


    1. Thanks …….. a longer exposure would have given a “smoother” finish for the clouds but at 4 seconds I was at the upper limit of over exposing this shot. I will need something darker than my ND 8


  1. Very well done ! 🙂 ND filters look interesting. I should have a try ! But as you have written, I need a tripod then.


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