March in Ottawa for the support of people of Gaza

In my forever conquest of being a photographer and Ottawa probably being the capital of protest in Canada, I though going to a protest march and try to take some photos is something I needed to try, a least once. With the situation in Gaza, there is no lack of protest march to support the people of Gaza. A quick search on Internet and there was a protest march planned to show support to the Palestinian living in Gaza. So I went and here is the result …….

Protest 1

From where I was, the Police Officer and the organizer of the march did not seem to agree on something

Protest 3

Protest 4

Protest 2

Last time there was a march to support the Palestinian, some Israeli supporters showed up and harsh words were exchange between the two sides. The situation almost degenerated and the police had to intervene. So I was a little apprehensive for this time of what could happen until I saw the front of this human procession. Some Jewish rabbis were marching with the group.

Protest 2a


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