August 4th, 1914 – World War One

On August 4th 1914 Great Britain and Canada declared war on Germany and joined the global conflict of the First World War. This year marks the centennial of this tragic event. What started as a large brawl between three European countries, many though it would be over by Christmas of 1914. Men enlisted with excitement and eagerness because they did not want to miss the action. Soon it became a quagmire and the first industrial war raged for four years, wiping millions of lives on its path. The industrialized civilization we’ve became was able to produce bombs, bullets and rifles faster than men could be sent to the front.

Here are the World War One military medals of some men and woman who fought for the Allied in France during World War One.

For bravery in the field – Medals to Private James Hopkinson M.M.

his story can be read here

002 -1

For duty and devotion – Medals to Nursing Sister Muriel Shirecliffe Parker Ellis A.R.R.C.

her story can be read here

c056 -1

Mentioned-in-Despatches – Medals to Private Gerald William Brown M.M., M.I.D.

his story can be read here

d021 -1

For long service – Medals to Captain John George Duncan Campbell V.D.

his story can be read here

068 -1

Not a World War One medal but this is a reminder, in 1855 Private Duncan Ferguson fought and died with the British Army against the Russian in Crimea , the same Crimea that Russia “invaded” and annexed in 2014 ……… I guess sometime humans do not learn from their past mistake.

003 -2


2 thoughts on “August 4th, 1914 – World War One

  1. Looking for biographical information and medal listing on the following nurses who served in WW1;These women were from Nova Scotia : Clare Gass from Shubenachie N.S. Number 2..Margaret St.Clatilde MacDonald .Bailey’s Brook N.S….No.3. Kate MacLatchy from Grand Pre. Nova Scotia. I plan to construct Shadow Boxes of per tenant information , including photos madal listing which display over the Maritime at craft shows and special events


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