My first model – kayak style

I met Trevor while I was taking photos of a river last spring and he happened to be there with his kayak at the same time. I took the occasion to snap some photos of him that day but I did not have the right lens for the occasion. The photos of our first encounter can by seen here. So we organised a second meeting where I would take photos of him, this time, with the right lens. Sport photography is not technically difficult but you still need to master some skills and for that you need practice. So we met on a Sunday morning and he is actually my first official model.

On his first pass on the river, he scared the shit out of me. He capsized, his head was in the water, try to come up one time, did not work, went in the water again, try to come up a second time, did not work, went in the water again, try to come up a third time, did not work, went in the water again and while he was doing that, the river was dragging him. For a moment I though that he was going to drown in front of me, just like that. It finally turned OK but he had to leave his kayak and swim back to shore with some help. He was fine except for a bruised ego.






Bokeh effect dandelion style

I was on my way back home when I saw a field covered with dandelions. I was tired and I almost did not stop to take the photo. The day after I passed by the same field and the lawnmower did its job, only the cut grass was left. Glad I did stop

So, if you see something you really want to capture, do not wait because tomorrow it could be gone.

DSC_0082_082 -1