HDR photo : the tripod

The best way to do a beautiful HDR photo with an amalgamation of JPEG file is to use a tripod. If you try to hold your cam in your hands and take three or more shots, you will move, even if you do not think you are moving, you are. Another option if you do not have a tripod, put your camera on something solid, a flat rock, a table, a bench something that will be more stable than your hands, arms and legs.

I wanted to see for myself what a HDR photo would look like if I hold my cam in my hands only.

Photo A – HDR from three JPEG files no tripod

River hand held cam HDR

Photo B – JPEG file of the correctly exposed photo

River hand held correctly exposed

Although I got the HDR effect with photo A, there is a blurred effect at the bottom of the photo caused by movements. And if you magnify the photo you’ll see that the details are not as sharp with the photo A (HDR) compare to photo B ….. although I am not stricken by Parkison I am surprise by the result because, I was expecting much more blurred on the photo and not the just portion of the photo closest to me.


3 thoughts on “HDR photo : the tripod

  1. I often take bracketed shots with no tripod to merge into Photomatix or Nik HDR. Admittedly never of the ocean or anything moving. Mostly they have been of churches, etc. And I always work from the raw files and create a jpeg from the HDR result. There would be no movement if the HDR was created from one image as you said, with the camera mounted on a tripod. Good point!


    1. 99 % of my HDR photos on the site here were created from 1 RAW file but amalgation of multiple Jpeg gives better results ….. if you have a tripod which is something I do not have


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