These photos are actually the first time where my subjects were animals, except for the dogs and cats here and there. It was a new experience for me. I think that birds are beautiful animals to photograph but they do not always cooperate with you, in fact human presence is a nuisance for these animals. I used my 300 mm lens and I would have used a longer lens. First you have to find where those birds are and then you have to try to get close which is a challenge. You need patience, something I kind of lack in photography, I prefer to be on the move with my cam. Don’t get me wrong I see some beautiful photos of insects and birds but me taking those, it’s a different story. I really like Victor Rakmil animal photography, he does have the talent and the patience and his photos are quite impressive.

In the meantime, here are my first shots of birds.

Sitting duck

Bird 2


Bird 1

Canadian geese (in HDR)

Bird 3


One thought on “Birds

  1. Nice for a first try Nelson ! Maybe you should pay attention not to put the animal in the middle of your pics. But it is just my point of view 😉 see you !


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